What is Masonry?

Stone and Patio Pros is proud to offer professional masonry services. The term ‘masonry’ refers to a type of construction that uses individual units bound together by mortar. The most common materials used in masonry includes stone, brick, granite, travertine and limestone. Our company offers masonry services for both the interior and exterior of the home, and we assist in every step, from choosing the best stone to the design and implementation of walkways and patios.

It Pays to Hire Professional Masonry Services

Stone is both beautiful and functional. It takes skilled professionals to provide masonry services, as it requires patience and precision when working with stone. First, stone must be carefully assembled so that the building or structure is safe and solid. Any type of incorrect placement can throw the entire project off. Second, if you do choose to have the stone carved, it can be brittle and crack easily. For these reasons, it’s important to have a professional who can help you select the best stone for the application.

Advantages to Masonry Services

Below are some of the benefits to selecting masonry construction for your next home project.

– Fire resistant
– Weather resistant
– Termite resistant
– Protection from rotting, mold and fungus
– Excellent sound proofing
– Low maintenance
– Environmentally friendly
– Increased home value
– Improves thermal mass
– Exceptionally durable (a lifespan of more than 500 years!)

What Can Masonry Be Used For?

Since masonry refers to a type of construction, it can be applied to just about anything constructed from stone, brick, limestone and so on. At Stone and Patio Pros, you can find masonry services for the following:

– Patios
– Walkways
– Driveways
– Exterior stairs
– Fireplaces
– Mailboxes
– Basement walkouts

Stone Veneer: The Budget-Friendly Option

Stone has endless benefits thanks to its unsurpassed beauty, durability and functionality, but the one drawback is cost. Not only does natural stone have a high price tag, but also it requires more labor, which means the cost of installation is high, too.

For homeowners who appreciate the natural look of stone but want a more budget-friendly option, stone veneer is an excellent choice. These clay bricks look just like the real thing, but they are lighter and easier to work with, meaning that both the cost of materials and labor are less. And, you can take advantage of the same high-end masonry services for both traditional stone and stone veneer.