Budget-Friendly Water Features

When it comes to outdoor spaces, the boundaries for creativity are endless. While water features are nothing new, they have been picking up steam over the last couples of years. This isn’t exactly a low-budget trend, but with the popularity of water features, homeowners are getting more creative about implementing water features at a more reasonable cost.

Water features take about the same amount of time as traditional landscaping, but the effects they have on an outdoor space are invaluable. These features create a zen environment that is conducive to wildlife. If you enjoy getting a spa-like experience from your own backyard, these water feature trends are definitely worth considering.

Stairway Fountain

This clever addition can be incorporated into the stairs of a paved walkway. It’s subtle and understated, but it certainly brings an element of surprise. To make this beauty work, a boulder anchors on one end while a basin at the other catches the water and recycles it back.

Pond Niche

Not everyone has a large backyard to work with, and not everyone wants one, either. That’s why a small pond niche is perfect. It is tucked away neatly in the corner of the yard, bringing the same visual and sound effects but without all the work.

Half-Moon Pond

Another option for smaller backyards, a half-moon pond extends off a patio, resulting in a half-moon shape. The fact that it’s directly off the patio rather than in a corner of the yard means that it will be enjoyed even more.

Orb Fountains

Sure, you can purchase an orb fountain, or you can just build one using an old bowling ball! These types of fountains extend space in a cost effective manner and look stunning sitting on stones or patio pavers. You can also make bubbling containers using old flower pots and bubblers for a similar effect.

Multitasking Spa Features

If you have an inground pool, what could be better than a multitasking water feature? This one is a bit more of an investment, but it will bring the pool to life and offer a spa-like experience without having to pay for it.

Kid-Friendly Waterfalls

Kids are curious, so why not give them a waterfall they can actually play in? A short, pondless waterfall is a great addition to any yard, and it allows kids and pets to safely explore their surroundings without the dangers.