5 Reasons You Need a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are smart solutions for when a landscape requires additional support to prevent the earth from moving downhill. If you look around, you’ll notice retaining walls at schools, businesses and homes. They can also be used to create usable land on slopes, provide seating at outdoor amphitheaters and manage water runoff.

As a homeowner, why might you need a retaining wall? Here are five reasons.

1. Control Downhill Erosion

When gravity pulls down on the earth, it causes everything to move downhill. If you have a slope in your front or backyard, adding a retaining wall will minimize erosion and prevent soil from moving downward. Not only will this keep your yard looking nicer, but also it will eliminate other issues such as water runoff that weakens the soil.

2. Your Home is Built Downhill from Soil Fault Lines

At first glance, soil erosion may not be a problem for you. But, if your home is built downhill from soil fault lines, it can become a problem. For example, if an earthquake were to occur, the land would slide away from the fault lines, and this could cause soil erosion problems. Talk to a contractor about whether or not a retaining wall could offer peace of mind and stability.

3. Manage Water Runoff

Water running down a slope will cause erosion and make the ground unstable. This means that the soil around your foundation may be unstable, too. Retaining walls will slow down this process, protecting your home’s foundation and preventing soil erosion. And, the water can be used for functional purposes such as watering a garden.

4. Add Beauty and Splendor

You want to set your home apart from the rest. A retaining wall is one of the most effective ways to do this. Imagine a beautiful stone wall that offers seating for guests and shelving for potted plants and flowers. Some retaining walls also include built-in steps that are both visually stunning and functional.

5. Provide Usable Land

There’s not much you can do on sloped land. So, if you were lucky enough to buy a home on this type of land, you may be wondering what to do next. Retaining walls make use out of sloped areas so that you can plant a garden, walk from your backyard to your front yard and even offer seating for summer cookouts. It’s a simple way to make the most of your home.