What Are The Best Materials For An Outdoor Fireplace?

Few things are as relaxing as lighting a fire in your own backyard, looking up at the stars and enjoying a cool New Jersey evening. Now that’s life! But, before you install a new fireplace, it’s important to know which materials will be durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. There are benefits to each type of material, and a bit of consideration goes a long way in ensuring your satisfaction with the end result.

Stone Outdoor Fireplaces

Stone is a popular pick for outdoor fireplaces because it’s strong and visually attractive. Also, if you already have stone in your backyard space or on your home, a stone fireplace will be the perfect accessory. You have quite a few options in this category, including bluestone, limestone and rubblestone. Stone can be expensive, but don’t let that get you down. A stone veneer offers the same beauty and durability as traditional stone but costs less.

Brick Outdoor Fireplaces

Brick is classic and traditional, and it meshes well with most decors. You can find bricks available in white, tan, gray and brown, but red is the most popular pick, especially for outdoor fireplaces. Brick is strong, durable and low maintenance, making it a great choice if you want as little upkeep as possible. Also, you can be as creative as you want since the bricks can be arranged in different patterns.

Concrete Outdoor Fireplaces

Concrete is an ideal choice for modern fireplaces, but it is typically used with natural gas or propane instead of wood burning fireplaces. Because of this, concrete fireplaces don’t require a defined chimney, so this leaves design options open. That’s why you’ll see concrete fireplaces that are long, low or massive in size. Concrete is also durable, low maintenance and affordable, especially if you choose a simple design.

An outdoor fireplace is the perfect solution if you want to set your home apart from the rest. With so many styles to choose from – traditional, modern, southwestern, mediterranean – you can easily integrate your new fireplace into your outdoor space and turn it into a retreat. For exceptional customer service, a strong work ethic and unsurpassed durability, choose Stone and Patio Pros for outdoor fireplace construction.