8 Reasons Why Walkout Basements Rock!

A walkout basement or daylight basement is typically situated on a slope so that part of the floor is above ground with a door leading to the outside. With this design, there are more options for creating an entirely new floor of living space, equipped with full-size windows, ventilation, exits for bedrooms and fewer mold and dampness problems. Let’s take a look at eight awesome reasons why walkout basements simply rock!

1. They offer more space. Depending on the layout of the home, a walkout basement can add more than a thousand square feet of space onto the home. This is a huge benefit for those who need more living space but may not be in a position to move.

2. They are fully functional. Walkout basements are more cozy than traditional basements since they can have exits and full-size windows. This means that you can add bedrooms, a media room or an office that is comfortable and cozy.

3. They can be cost conscious. Adding onto a home is not cheap, and depending on the home, it may be cheaper to have a walkout basement installed as opposed to having concrete poured.

4. They add value to the home. Not only can a walkout basement be the more affordable approach to adding space to your home, but also it’s a smart investment that will allow you to sell your home for more. Most buyers will appreciate a fully functional walkout basement.

5. They provide added safety. You never know when disaster may strike, and having a walkout basement means that you have an alternative exit to get out of the home.

6. They can be converted into an apartment. If you need extra cash flow, consider turning a walkout basement into an apartment. The tenants will have their own entrance/exit, and you can turn your investment into a profit in no time.

7. They offer more storage. With the opportunity to construct a large walkout basement, you can make part of it liveable and the other part for storage. And, not just any storage, but functional space with built-in shelving. This keeps you organized and prevents boxes from piling up in a traditional basement.

8. They are perfect for entertaining. Many walkout basements lead to patios or outdoor spaces, making entertaining easy and efficient. Imagine having a walkout basement that leads to an outdoor kitchen! Also, walkout basements can house plumbing equipment and heating and cooling equipment without having it take up precious space on the other floors of the home.