Will Tree Roots Destroy My Patio?


Constructing decks and patios in the wrong location or landscaping choices that may increase the risk of damage from tree roots can lead to no end of problems that property owners would be wise to avoid. Although tree roots grow very slowly, they are able to exert tremendous pressure on their environment. Planting the wrong type of tree, planting trees and shrubs too close to outdoor concrete installations or erecting a deck or patio over an existing root system can be nothing short of a disaster. Working with a professional to ensure that your deck or outdoor patio will be less likely to suffer damage from tree roots can be of paramount importance for any property owner.

Effective Steps for Preventing Damage

Reducing the risk of root damage is the best approach to take, especially when considering the high cost of foundation repairs, landscaping services and surface refinishing that may be needed to address future problems. Selecting plants and trees that will pose less of a risk to future or existing installations is not a concern that should be taken lightly. Ensuring that trees will be planted a safe distance from any concrete work or that new installations are not placed in areas where problems are more likely to develop can ensure home and property owners are able to enjoy their patio for years to come.

Protecting Your Property Values

Having access to a comfortable outdoor environment is an important concern for many homeowners. Outdoor decks and patios can provide a valuable addition to any home, one that will allow occupants to enjoy a full range of outdoor activities and opportunities with greater ease and comfort. The investment needed to add a patio or deck to an existing property can be considerable; doing all you can to ensure that your new installation is not at risk of being damaged by existing root systems or new growth should you plan to add trees to your existing landscape could make a world of difference.

Professional Results for New Patios and Outdoor Installations 

Choosing the right location for a new deck or patio can be difficult for those who overlook existing root systems. Within just a few short years root growth can cause cracks, foundation issues and extensive damage to even the most study patios. Working with trained professionals who can assess your outdoor environment and ensure professional results for your patio installation can allow you to mitigate many of the risks that poor landscaping or haphazard construction may result in.

Planning Landscape Additions with Care

Trees that are known for excessive root growth can make a poor choice for those seeking to improve their outdoor environment. Planting trees too close together may deprive them of the space they need to obtain enough moisture, a situation that lends itself to the more extensive root growth that can quickly cause serious problems. Consulting with a professional about any additions you may be considering for your outdoor landscape can allow you to avoid many of the most common and costly mistakes that homeowners make.

Working with the Best

Finding professionals who can provide a greater range of options, superior quality of workmanship and results that will provide greater satisfaction should be of paramount concern when it comes to any home improvement project. Poorly planned patios and outdoor decks that have been installed over existing root systems may cause no end of problems that most homeowners would just as soon avoid. Working with the best paving and hardscaping professionals will ensure that your new deck or patio can provide you with years of maintenance-free enjoyment and the chance to enjoy a greater value for your investment.