5 Things You’re Doing Wrong to Your Patio

Working so many hours and spending so much time out of the home for sports, meetings and other activities, many families find themselves underutilizing their backyard. Do your own experiment. Pull back the curtains, open the blinds and take a look at what’s outside. You may find that underneath the piled up furniture and kids’ toys, there’s a vibrant patio just waiting to be used.

Here are five common things that you’re doing wrong with your patio, and why the kids think the yard is ‘boring.’ Don’t worry – it’s not too late to transform your space and make it functional once again!

1. You’ve let it become a storage space.

The patio unfortunately becomes a hub for dumping things: lawn furniture, outdoor toys, decorations, pet cages and so forth. You may have found that over the years, it’s easier to throw things on the back patio, shut the windows and carry on. But, you should treat your patio with the same respect as any other room in the home. It’s time to declutter and see what’s really underneath there.

2. You don’t follow a paver maintenance plan – or even know what one is.

If you’ve let things pile up on the patio, then you probably don’t follow any type of maintenance plan. Patio pavers are durable and long-lasting, but they do require some care. A good maintenance plan includes cleaning, sealing and weed control. These steps need to be taken periodically to prevent stains, weed growth, mold problems and structural problems. By following this plan, you can enjoy a prettier patio, and you won’t have to replace the pavers down the road.

3. It has more colors than the color wheel.

Stains are common on patios, and yours may be sporting shades of black and green from mold and weed growth, as well as other stains from grease, rust and leftover Popsicles. Most stains can be removed with a mild detergent and a wire brush. A good power washing will also do the trick and restore the natural color of the pavers. Just be sure that you don’t spray directly into the joints because it could disrupt the sand.

4. It gets left off the list come spring cleaning time.

Patios need regular cleaning. Each spring, make it a priority to remove all the furniture from the patio and give the surface a good sweeping and washing. Wash chair cushions, and clean off tabletops and chair frames. Remove old soil from planters, plant fresh ones and dump out standing water. Just a bit of attention goes a long way in making your patio fun for the whole family!

5. It goes underutilized and underappreciated.

Remember, your patio is an extension of your home. By cleaning off patio furniture, setting out the umbrella and opening the grill, you’re giving yourself many reasons to be in your backyard. Think about some of your other hobbies, too. Perhaps a new grill purchase, a stone firepit or a pergola will make the space more enjoyable and practical for your household.