What is Decorative Concrete and Why is it so Popular?


Decorative concrete is becomig a popular option for use in outdoor areas. Long gone are the days of boring gray pavers. There are now numerous choices in colorful and interesting designs for both home and business landscaping. Here is a bit more about decorative concrete and the reasons why it is so popular.

About Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete, also known as stamped concrete, is concrete that is fabricated with various patterns, embossing or colors to give an appearance of other natural materials or to add flair to the look of walkways, driveways patios or other outdoor areas, as well as interior flooring. Decorative stone can be made to look like stone, brick, tile, wood and other materials. Base color, accent color and decorative patterns or designs can be added to the concrete to produce the unique look you desire.

Visual Appeal

One of the immediately noticeable benefits of decorative concrete is its beauty and visual appeal. The number of styles and patterns available allows nearly endless possibilities in design choices. You can truly create a look that is all your own and one that complements the style of your home.


Decorative concrete is incredibly durable. It can withstand various weather conditions better than natural materials. There’s also no need to worry about the color fading in decorative concrete finishes because they are applied in a manner that is resistant to sun damage. In addition, concrete is not as susceptible to mold or other allergens as more porous materials may be, so it is a healthier option.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining your decorative concrete surface is easy. A sealer application will be needed about every four years or so and is based on the weather in your region. Also, cleaning is easy. A simple spray of the hose should do it.


Decorate concrete is such a flexible product for various surfaces. You can install it for use in driveways, patios, walkways or even pool decks, among other uses. It can even be used for indoor floors, countertops and backsplashes.


Consumers love decorative concrete also for its affordability. It is far less expensive than the cost of other materials like stone, slate, tile or wood. However, it doesn’t look cheap. You can obtain a beautiful look that is durable and fits within your budget, making decorative concrete an increasingly popular choice for home improvement projects.

These are simply the highlights of what decorative concrete is and why it is so popular these days. You can likely find a number of additional reasons for why this material may work for you and your upcoming home improvement endeavor.