What are Three Tips that Can Enhance the Look of a Patio Deck?



Patio decks are a great way to spend time outdoors with our family and friends. Most home decks accent the backyard and provide a perfect surrounding for a cookout, but is your patio boring? Is your deck what is making people want to leave the party early? Today we are going to look at three ways we can enhance our outdoor living space, and make our loved ones want to enjoy the serenity of our backyard patio forever.

1. Colorful Accents

Make sure your patio stands out. Neutral colors may look nice, but this is our backyard patio, not the middle of the woods. If we are using browns and blacks, make sure to include some reds or purples. A very easy way to do this is make your cushions pop. Make sure to add pillows to your patio furniture as well. Durable and colorful accent pillows made from fun outdoor fabrics are easy to find and will stand up to any weather, rain or shine.

Spice up your deck with an accent rug. Accessorizing with an outdoor rug adds to the feel of the patio, bringing comfort and helping tie in the overall color scheme. As an added bonus this would also help with people dragging mud and debris into the house.

While we are adding accents, let’s not forget about vases and planters. Mix and match plants with vases so they accentuate each other. You can also make a vertical jump and place some hanging planters, which can fill empty space that you may want to avoid.

2. Daytime Shade

In most situations when we are going to be using our patio the sun will be blazing. We need to make sure our company is comfortable, and not on the verge of getting burnt or suffering from heat exhaustion.

The vast outdoor fabrics make it incredibly easy to create shade on your deck without sacrificing any vistas you wish to maintain. Today’s all-weather fabrics come in a multitude of stylish patterns and colors to splash everything from umbrellas, cushions, and accent pillows to sun shades. Most accents are inexpensive and easy to swap out whenever your heart desires.

Outdoor fabric panels can also be used to shade the deck and us from the beaming sun. This brilliant accent provides function and can be used to compliment the rest of the patio. A skirt made from outdoor fabrics can also be used to hide such things as the outdoor sink’s plumbing area.

3. Deck Lighting

We all hope for evenings on the deck spent with our loved ones looking at the stars, so let’s provide them with some comfort and make sure they feel safe. Nighttime lighting does not need to be bright. The goal should be to mimic the light levels typically provided by a full moon allowing us to still gaze at the stars.

Contrast paint colors on the stairs and add mini lights to the steps and handrail posts to make it easy to ascend and descend at night. If your deck spends its days in the sun, consider installing solar-powered lights to save on energy.

Those are just three ideas to make your patio into an outdoor temptation for any gathering. Use your creative side and make your deck into a blissful oasis.