How Are Pavers Made?



If you are thinking about making an improvement to your home by installing pavers, you may be taking a closer look at some of the various types of pavers available for use on your property. The good news is that there are numerous colors, sizes and styles of pavers to choose from, and these provide you with the ability to create a beautiful look on your property that gives the desired results. However, there are also differences in the durability and cost of the various options that must be considered if you want to make a wise decision that is best for your property. Generally, there are three main types of pavers that are made in different ways, and you will need to learn more about each of them before you make your final decision.

Stone Pavers
Stone pavers are those that are made naturally through the efforts of Mother Nature over many years. There are numerous types of stone pavers that you can install, and these generally must be harvested from the earth at stone quarries or other venues. Because of this, they do have a higher price tag than other options. However, they also have a natural look and incredible durability that may be preferred over other options. Keep in mind that there are different types of stone that may be used as pavers. For example, granite pavers are very strong and durable, but marble pavers may not have the durability that you would need in some outdoor applications. Other types of natural stone pavers include flagstone, limestone, bluestone, slate and others.

Concrete Pavers
Concrete pavers are manufactured through human processes. Essentially, the manufacturing process involves mixing together natural and composite materials, molding and coloring them as desired and firing them. These are very strong and durable, and they may have the strength to make them suitable for driveways and high-traffic walkways. They can be made with a special sealant to lock in the color. Furthermore, they are typically far more affordable than stone pavers and brick pavers. Because of the unique benefits and the wide range of color and size options available, concrete pavers are one of the most popular types of pavers used in residential projects.

Brick Pavers
Brick pavers are typically manufactured using shale or clay, and they are manufactured in a similar method as concrete pavers are made. However, they may be fired at a significantly higher temperature than concrete pavers, and this makes them very strong and durable. These are most commonly found in natural or red tones, but they can range from very light to very deep shades. They also will hold their color well over the years. Generally, they are more affordable than most types of natural stones, but they are more expensive than concrete pavers.

Once you learn more about the different types of paving products that may be used throughout your property, you may be able to determine which materials are best-suited for specific projects you are planning. Keep in mind that a representative from a hardscaping company can answer any additional questions you have about the materials.