How Are Pavers Kept Free From Dirt and Debris?


When you install pavers on your property, you need to understand how to keep them clean. These pavers are stone products that must be treated like stone most of the time. However, you need to remember that pavers are permanent fixtures at your home. When you have these pavers put in, you do not want to waste your time and money going back to replace them. The four suggestions below will allow you to keep your pavers clean all during the year regardless of the weather.


When you put pavers on your property, they are often used as walkways or a space on your patio. They are flat surfaces that will collect dirt and debris all the time. You cannot anticipate how dirty they will get, but you can add your pavers to your weekly cleaning routine. You should walk outside and sweep all the pavers just after you get done vacuuming inside. When the pavers are swept regularly, they will not begin to stain as a result of having dirt and debris on them all the time.

Power Washing

When you are having power washing done on your siding or brick home, you need to ask the washer to handle your pavers, too. These stone bricks can be cleaned quickly with a power washer, and they will stay clean for quite some time. The power washer can wick away dirt that is under the surface, and the stones will look like they are brand new.

Ice And Snow

When you get ice and snow in the winter, you cannot help where it goes. Your pavers will very wet, and they will likely get dirty. You can shovel away the snow and ice on your pavers when you get outside, and you can try to keep them as clean as possible. However, you must take action as soon as the winter season ends. When you know the temperatures are rising, you need to go outside and clean off all the pavers. They will stain if you do not take quick action after the winter season.


When you notice that some of your pavers are moving around, you need to make sure they are securely installed in the ground. You will find that the pavers kick up more dirt and debris when they are moving, and you will not be able to keep up with all the dirt. When the pavers are adjusted to make sure they are not moving, they will stay cleaner on the whole.

Your pavers help to make your property look perfect, but they need to be cleaned wisely. If you are planning on cleaning your pavers as listed above, you can keep your property much cleaner during the year.