What Are Five Ways Pavers Can Be Maintained Easily?


Paver patios are gorgeous, adding a bit of class to any backyard. However, they do require care and maintenance to maintain their look. Luckily, maintaining a paver patio is easy to do and requires minimal time and effort each month. Here’s how you do it.

1. Be proactive and take preventative measures.

When the pavers are first installed, pour polymeric sand into the cracks. This sand hardens when moistened, which helps to hold the pavers in position and prevents weeds from growing through the cracks. Ensure that all cracks are thoroughly filled, as even a small hole can open up potential damage from water later down the line.

2. Sweep the pavers regularly.

Once or twice per month, take a yard broom to your patio and sweep it clean. Wet leaves can stain the brick and leave unsightly spots on them, while rocks and other debris can chip your pavers and post other risks. There is also the risk of falling on wet or scattered debris on your patio, so it pays to keep it clean. This should take no more than a few minutes of your time, although you may need to sweep more frequently in the winter and fall when leaves fall more often.

3. Blast away grime.

Sometimes the bricks may become coated in grime, either from algae growing on a moist area or because of a build up of dirt. Remove this grime by spraying the bricks with a water hose. Be careful not to hit the cracks between the bricks directly, as this can loosen the sand and cause instability in your patio. Instead, use a sweeping motion over the surface and don’t aim too much force in any one section of the patio. Don’t be afraid to scrub away at the grime if necessary.

4. Remove stains once per year with a wire brush.

Stain removal is easy, especially on bricks. Mix a bit of detergent with water and apply it to the brick, allowing it to soak for a few moments. Then take a wire brush and scrub away at any stain you see; however, make sure to test the brush on a brick out of sight in case it damages them. If the brush is too rough, switch to a softer bristle. Make sure to completely wash away the detergent after you’ve finished scrubbing, as it can cause damage or bleach the bricks and lead to unappealing spots.

5. Make sure to seal the layers every few years.

Special sealants are produced that do a fantastic job at sealing the bricks and protecting them from harm. It’s a good idea to apply this sealant once every two or three years – it blocks many environmental factors from hitting the bricks and greatly increases their longevity. It also helps to prevent stains from actually settling into the bricks, allowing you to clean them more easily.

Pavers may require a bit of maintenance on your part, but they’re well worth any effort. A well maintained patio will be the talk of the neighborhood and the site of many backyard barbecues. If your patio will provide you with that much fun and entertainment, why not take a few minutes to make sure it’s clean?