Are There Any Maintenance Issues With Pavers?


Pavers that you have installed as a patio or walkway can run into small maintenance issues. These issues are related to the stones themselves, the landscaping at your house and how you use the pavers. You must be sure to understand these maintenance issues before you install the pavers. These maintenance issues cannot become surprises when you are trying to keep your home looking beautiful.

Shifting Pavers

Your pavers will shift over time if the land they were installed on is not that firm. Soft dirt and clay will allow your pavers to move, and you may notice that your entire patio or walkway is shifting one way or another. You must make sure that your pavers are installed on firm ground.

If they are not installed on firm ground, you need to be prepared to shore up the edges of the space to keep them from moving. Running water and silt can cause the pavers to shift, but a border area that is solid will help prevent further movement.

Broken Pavers

There are times when your pavers will break or crack due to weather conditions or overuse. You can pull up each paver and replace it if you want to, but you must make sure that you have access to a paver that matches your space. It is best for you to take a picture of the paver to make sure the color is the same, and you need to measure the paver to make sure you get on that is the same size. You may also use glue or other adhesives to glue a cracked brick back together.


When your pavers get dirty, they are going to discolor. You need to make sure you are sweeping off your pavers as much as you can. You also need to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to clean the pavers when the weather is good. A pressure washing service can quickly clean your pavers, and you will be able to see the original color arise from underneath all the dirt and debris.

When you are working hard to maintain your home, you must make sure that you have invested time and energy in looking after your pavers. When the pavers shift, break and get dirty, they must be dealt with quickly. Major problems can arise if you allow your pavers to go untouched for too long.