Stone Veneer…A Low-Cost Alternative

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Stone Veneer Installation

Stone is a beautiful accent piece for any home. Unfortunately, real stone can be quite expensive, as well as heavy, causing issues with construction and the ability to afford these changes. Instead of stone, stone veneer in NJ can be the perfect alternative. Stone veneer installation offers homeowners a variety of benefits they can’t get from the use of solid stone, making it a clearly better choice for many individuals.

Save Money

One of the greatest advantages of stone veneer installation in NJ is the ability to save money. Because stone veneer requires less stone material, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on buying the stone you want in your home. If you choose real stone, you may find you have to eliminate the stone in some areas of your home to make it more affordable. Stone veneer allows you to use all the stone you want without increasing your budget by great amounts.

Greater Flexibility

Stone veneer in NJ also gives you much greater flexibility than true stone. When you use real stone blocks, you may be limited to the shapes you can use or the placement of the stone due to its weight and inflexibility. When you choose stone veneer installation, though, you gain greater flexibility, allowing you to use the stone in any way you could imagine. You can use the veneer to create the look of stone for your fireplace, the exterior of your home, the walls or anything else you can think of. The veneer can be bent to fit in just about any location.

Contact us for information stone veneer installation and your options.

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